International Colloquium, Luxembourg, March 3-5, 2017


The Luxembourg School of Religion & Society (LSRS) shall organize an international scientific colloquium from March 3 to 5, 2017 entitled:

“God’s Word is at Work in You Who Believe” (cf. 1 Th 2:13) The “Biblical Inspiration of all Pastoral Activity” – Pedagogical Issues

The development of an entire program of studies based on the option of the “biblical inspiration of all pastoral activity” (biblica animatio totius actionis pastoralis), in the spirit of Pope Benedict XVI’s Verbum Domini (2010), presents major pedagogical challenges, which them- selves are linked with fundamental theological and pastoral issues.

This colloquium shall allow the participants to take advantage of interdisciplinary contribu- tions that not only favor the advancement of the theoretical and practical reflection on the subject but also identify direct repercussions for the elaboration of the Master’s program by which the LSRS intends to respond to a major need in today’s Church.

The detailed program for this colloquium will be elaborated under the responsibility of an international scientific committee. Papers may be presented in French or in English. Trans- lations in the second working language will be furnished during the conference and simul- taneous translations of the discussions shall be provided.

Please reserve the following dates for your participation in this conference in Luxembourg: March 3-5, 2017! As soon as the program has been finalized, you will receive detailed information as well as a call for papers.

For further information please contact: Luxembourg School of Religion & Society Department of Religion, Communication, Education Email :

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