What Good News!

Welcome to What Good News!

The Christian message is good news. That is essentially what ‘gospel’ means. Our reaction as believers to the message of Jesus, and that of countless thousands throughout the last two thousand years, has been one of gratitude.

This website offers lots of material addressing a great variety of topics related to Christian faith. It makes no claim to be a complete survey, but we thought it worthwhile to preserve this material for those who are searching and might find help here.

There is an extensive archive of audio recordings of study days and faith talks. Many of the study days were given as part of the evangelisation outreach of the Catholic Diocese of Brentwood, England. Subsequent study days and faith talks were mostly held at the Catholic Church of Christ the Eternal High Priest in Gidea Park, Essex.

A specific section preserves the series of talks on the Second Vatican Council given when we were celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the council. That landmark event in the life of the Church was held from 1962 to 1965. Its teachings are as vibrant as ever and make enlightening reading when we ask how we should live as Christian disciples in the twenty-first century.

Fr Adrian Graffy, Scripture scholar and parish priest, and director of the What Good News website, has also provided a series of reflections on the Sunday gospels which are offered in the Catholic lectionary in a three year cycle. These reflections might provide a useful preparation for Sunday Mass or a source of reflection after Mass, or perhaps some welcome support for those who are called to preach on Sundays.

The site will grow as we add new material. We hope that it will help you understand more about the Christian faith, and how it enlightens our lives day by day. It may well stimulate further questioning and searching. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would lead us ‘to the fullness of truth’. We pray that these pages will assist you and if they do so please tell your friends. We hope the response will be ‘what good news!’

We are especially grateful to those organisations who have promoted our events through advertising them on their websites, and in particular to Independent Catholic News and to the Diocese of Brentwood.

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